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Testing for metabolites in drug urine tests

Straits Times 31 Jan 2021
SINGAPORE - ... Professor Eric Chan, a pharmaceutical scientist at the National University of Singapore's Department of Pharmacy, said that illicit chemists are often synthesising variations of NPS, by making minor modifications to each drug to evade detection by the authorities.

Divergent synthesis of bicyclic medium-sized ring structures

Phys Dot Org 26 Oct 2020
National University of Singapore chemists have discovered catalyst-controlled divergent reactions to synthesize three different classes of medium-sized bicyclic compounds from the same starting materials for the development of therapeutic drug molecules ... Provided by National University of Singapore.

New method for late-stage functionalization of carbon-hydrogen bonds

PhysOrg 14 Aug 2020
National University of Singapore chemists have developed a photo-induced method for late-stage functionalization of carbon-hydrogen (C-H) bonds in organic molecules ... .

Filipino-designed face masks kill viruses on contact

Manila Standard Today 14 Aug 2020
Filipino craftsmanship meets innovative technology in a line of protective face mask that actively kills viruses upon contact ... Aerian Essentials officially launches its reusable face masks designed and developed by a team led by Filipino designer Albert Andrada in collaboration with renowned chemist Dr. Liu Hongjun of Singapore ... .

Sustainable iron catalysis enables controllable alkene borylation

PhysOrg 09 Jun 2020
National University of Singapore chemists have unlocked a way to achieve site-selective borylation of alkenes using earth-abundant iron-based catalysts to facilitate synthesis of high-value chemicals ... .

Scientists convert plastics into useful chemicals using sunlight

PhysOrg 11 Dec 2019
Chemists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have discovered a method that could turn plastic waste into valuable chemicals by using sunlight ... .

Milliken Increases Investment in Asia With New Singapore Manufacturing Facility

The Marshall News Messenger 27 Aug 2019
The company currently operates an applications lab and technical service and sales office in Singapore, and recently celebrated its 20-year presence in the region ... The Singapore plant will be staffed with a skilled workforce including research and development chemists, chemical engineers and technical support.

Catalytic transformation of ethylene

PhysOrg 17 Aug 2019
National University of Singapore chemists have developed a catalytic method using visible light for the difunctionalization of ethylene for potential use in the production of fine chemicals ... .

Invention opens the door to safer and less expensive X-ray imaging

PhysOrg 26 Oct 2018
Medical imaging, such as X-ray or computerised tomography (CT), may soon be cheaper and safer, thanks to a recent discovery made by chemists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) ... .
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